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Brand Breadcrumbs

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(530) 426-5033

Dave Sick founded Brand Breadcrumbs in 2011. Since then, he has helped a variety of Fortune 500, small businesses and startup clients achieve their web, mobile and technology goals.

Prior to starting Brand Breadcrumbs, Dave spent 16 years honing his skills in technical, marketing and management roles. He started off writing software for a logistics firm and then a venture capital firm. He next moved to project management and product management for startups in the Bay Area where is mastered the iterative product development lifecycle. After earning his MBA from University of British Columbia he moved to Truckee to manage internet marketing for a large ski resort conglomerate, Booth Creek, which owned Northstar, Sierra and 4 other ski resorts across the country. At Booth Creek, he operated on the cutting edge of e-marketing including: email, search, content marketing, social media and analytics. He then worked as a senior manager at Clear Capital, helping launch 4 new business lines, using all of his skills to rapidly grow the business.