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Provident Systems, Inc.

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 Development of Real-time Embedded System Architecture for 30 years including automotive and wireless networking products. Embedded system architecture is a task of balancing form factor, part cost, power and performance metrics against fixed requirements of functionality and real-time deadlines within the limitations of realistic NRE and TTM windows. Finding solutions that are both practicable and profitable is the goal. Skills include knowledge of tradeoffs between dedicated hardware, software, hardware accelerators, operating systems, development tools, coding styles, licensing IP, leveraging open source, hardware differences between pipelined or parallel, software differences between interrupt driven, loop driven and multi-threaded.
 Experienced in FPGA development in the two leading technologies, Xilinx and Altera. 20 plus years of practicing and developing electronic design automation (EDA) technology provided an ideal preparation for applying these principles and practices to the development of electronic systems in FPGA. Skills include. reusable and scalable coding practices, simulation with self-test verification techniques with thorough lab evaluation practices to support validation and evaluation must be architected in to the initial design.
 Experienced at developing wireless link technology including logical link, media access and baseband layers. Knowledgeable of baseband Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed (COFDM technology.
 Experience with integrating C / C++ and MATLAB based algorithms and design databases into optimized and specialized embedded systems using both hardware and software. Developed methods for continuously validating the results of the translated algorithm to the original code through implementation by comparing simulation and actual results to the original model in the original environment.
 Expert knowledge in Validation and Verification technology that utilizes multiple methods of implementations and understanding of the product specification to perform run-time and post run analysis and results comparison along with automated regression testing.
 Familiarity and experience with Firmware development using C and assembly languages. Experience with C programming of ARM7TDMI using ThreadX multi-threaded operating system, Green Hills Multi for ARM7 and IAR Embedded workbench for MSP430 and familiarity with the ARM A9 Cortex dual core processor offerings integrated into current Xilinx and Altera FPGA products.