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Scale Unlimited


Scale Unlimited is based in Nevada City, California and provides consulting and training services for big data analytics, search, and web mining.

Scale Unlimited has the expertise, resources and services you need for scalable, cost-effective solutions to your data processing, search, and web mining problems. We provide a full portfolio of services for the architecture, design, development, deployment and operation of data processing, indexing, and web mining systems built with Hadoop, Cassandra, Flink, Solr, Elasticsearch and Cascading.

Having trouble hiring big data programmers? Train your own developers! Scale Unlimited’s Hadoop, Cassandra, Solr and Cascading training classes teach Java programmers everything they need to know to start solving Big Data problems, using lab exercises and real-world examples to reinforce lecture content. Companies such as HP, Sun, Apple, eBay, NewEgg, RIM, IBM, Lockheed, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have benefited from our training – you can too.