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Shoreline IT

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(530) 955-0505

I founded Shoreline Information Technologies in 2001 after discovering that most small businesses did not have access to quality technology advice. Most small businesses place responsibility on their most tech savvy employee or someone they know for their IT support, which is ultimately less efficient and costs more.

My purpose for starting Shoreline Information Technologies was, and is, to help manage your IT strategy, as well as your technology systems, by acting as your IT department. This means your employees get things done effectively and you spend your IT dollars on the things that matter most. Basically, as the title of my first book states: “Computers Should Just Work!”

If your company needs IT help, and you are tired of your computers, servers, and network not “just working”, reach out via email

If you would like a free copy of my new book: “The Business Owner’s Essential Guide to IT & All Things Digital” request a copy at