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(530) 264-7661

TraitWare Inc. has designed next generation smartphone and tablet-based dual and triple multi-factor authentication technologies (MFA) that eliminate the need for usernames, passwords or PINs for logging into and accessing secured resources, applications and websites. TraitWare®’s patent-pending process authenticates the identity of an end user and certain “digital personality traits” on their smartphone or tablet device, creating a secure, authenticated ‘access token.’ When combined with either a fingerprint reader such as Touch ID™ (Apple) or PhotoAuth™, our proprietary sign-on technology, complex PINs and passwords can be eliminated and security heightened without utilizing additional hardware. Compared to other solutions, Traitware is unique in several ways that it approaches the knowledge factors employed to authenticate the user. Leveraging the widespread deployment of smartphones which can be used as personal authentication devices, the TraitWare solution provides a safe and simple-to-use strong authentication system which can be easily integrated into almost any customer application or system, including Microsoft (MS) VPN-RRAS, OPenVPN and VMware with TraitWare Radius/PAM, MS AD-FS and MS Azure with TraitWare Adapter (MFA for Office 365 and MFA FOR G-Suite), and SSH with PAM.

Positions We Hire For

We employee developers for iOS and Android, C, C++,Asynchronous Server-side JavaScript - (Nodejs, Hapi), Angular 1.x

Skills needed include:
● Ability to work with MongoDB, AD, ADFS, Radius Servers, SSH and Unix Commands
● Ability to create and maintain server APIs that support both mobile native applications and web console
● Ability to create and maintain apps for iOS and Android
● Experience designing RESTful APIs and familiarity with real-world tradeoffs
● Ability to create web pages in any client-side Single Page Application (SPA) framework (Angular, React, or Elm) that utilize APIs
● Experience managing and maintaining environments (DevOps)
● Experience troubleshooting and resolving issues
● Knowledge of Apple Push Notification (APN) and Google Firebase
Notification services preferred
● Ability to make strategic decisions regarding software systems
● Proven record of trusted access to highly secured systems
Experience in financial, healthcare, or insurance industry preferred Technologies:
There are also opportunities for Technical Sales, Marketing and Business Operations