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Dave Thomas

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With a BS in Mechanical Engineering and over 20 years of experience designing mechanical devices, systems, and products, I’m working with local manufacturers to solve mechanical problems and improve the products we deliver out of Nevada County. I currently work with SolidWorks as a design tool but regularly work with other software tools when working with the clients legacy data. (ACAD, Inventor, Solid Edge, etc.) I really enjoy listening to a clients challenge, taking that burden off their shoulders and delivering a great solution that helps them meet their business goals.

Types of design projects that I work with: automation, material handling devices, sheet metal structures, enclosures and tanks, electronics enclosures, vacuum fixturing systems, linear guidance systems, in house fabrication tooling and tools, machines and mechanisms in general.

Types of services I deliver: concept development, 3D Modeling, fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, mechanical design calculations and occasionally prototype building and project management.