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Ken Krugler

Project Management Teaching
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President of Scale Unlimited. Consulting and training for big data processing, machine learning, data analytics, web mining and search, using open source technology (Hadoop, Flink, Cascading, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Solr). Apache Software Foundation member, committer for Tika open source content extraction toolkit.

Co-founder of Krugle, Inc. Vertical/deep web crawling, source code parse/index/search. Helped build team, get funding, define product, manage development, close sales, and support customers. Acquired by Aragon Consulting Jan 2009.

Co-founder of TransPac Software, Inc. Int’l software development at both the application and operating system level.

Specialties: Big data processing, web mining, text analysis, vertical crawl/search. Hadoop, Flink, Cascading, Solr, Lucene, Elasticsearch, Tika, Mahout, product definition/specification/management, international software design, Java/C/C++, Linux/Mac OS, Far East text processing (Japanese, Chinese, Korean).