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Lyell Schroeder

Software Development
Phone Number
(831) 515-2699

During my time at Chico State, I have developed many different skills in the field of electrical engineering. Some of the skills that I excel at are embedded systems, hardware engineering, and communication systems design. The skill in which I am most proficient in is embedded systems with a focus on ARM architecture. Currently, I am taking real-time embedded systems where we are currently developing an ARM-based Linux kernel. Another area that I am strong in is hardware design, which in the classes that I have taken I was always been at the top of my class. Finally, I have shown a strong understanding of communication system design, which I utilized extensively in my senior project.

Also during my time at Chico State, I have worked on many projects. During my sophomore and junior year, I was apart of the campus IEEE section where I worked on our micromouse team. Our design was an ARM-based microprocessor and was written in C. During the time I was on the team we took first place in the regional tournament place both years. Another project that I worked on was my senior design where I built a range finder that could also determine the vertical rise/drop in elevation to a specified target. I did this by utilizing an infrared laser to find the distance to the target, an inclinometer to measure the angle in which the range finder was tilted, and an FPGA for calculations.