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Shaun Case

Virtual and Augmented Reality
DevOps Project Management Software Engineering
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I’m a software engineer with emphasis on video-based embedded systems. Designing and developing video, audio, and IP-based switchers, routers, mixers and capture and playback device have been the mainstay of my career. I’ve worked for very large and very small companies, both established and startups, and I’m familiar and comfortable with shepherding products through their entire life cycle from concept through end of life.

I’m currently the Embedded Systems Architect at AJA Video where I work on IP-based products that record and stream H.264 (aka MPEG-4 AVC) audio and video, and that convert audio and video between JPEG 2000 IP streams and SDI and HDMI video.

The bulk of my computer language expertise is in C, C++ and JavaScript on Mac OS and Linux. I also have experience in C#, React Native, and various assembly languages.

My VR development experience is in Blender for 3D model creation and Unity 3D for world creation using C# for scripting and using the SteamVR plugin to target the Vive headset and handheld controllers.